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Industry focus

MediaWireless focuses in the TIMES market (Telecommunications, Internet, Media, Entertainment, Services) sectors, especially in Technology, Internet, Media and Services. Our focus means that we have a deep industry knowledge base and stay close to the rapid developments in these markets. People, who really know the markets


We devote a substantial amount of time and energy to further grow a specialized network of relationships that can be put together to work for our client companies. We have an ongoing dialogue with companies worldwide to learn about their priorities and requirements. We also maintain relationships with VCs, private equity firms, investment banks, and other investors knowledgeable about the web/media/technology sector. We understand the industry and know many of the players. People, that are well connected

Company-building expertise

MediaWireless's team members have served as senior executives, directors, investors, and advisors to companies ranging from start-ups to large multinationals. Some more junior executives spend a tremendous amount of time in start ups. In these roles, we have helped define positioning and formulate corporate strategy for companies at all stages of growth; developed business plans, forecasts and budgets; executed first steps, raised capital; and evaluated and completed transactions. People, who already founded & funded their company - this makes the difference

Proven execution

The MediaWireless team has more than 100 years combined business experience in the new media industry. We have successfully helped introducing new companies, formed sales and strategic partnerships both in Germany and internationally, and closed corporate financings, acquisitions - especially for start-ups. As executives, advisors and business principals, we have been intimately involved with all aspects of all kind of "obstacles". People with a huge knowledge set

Highly specialized

We specialize in services for start-ups, growth business companies with mostly less than $10 million in annual revenue and target Brands, Media Companies, Technology CompaniesService Providers, Broadcasters and often still Traditional Media Entities, a market underserved by established consulting & biz. dev. firms. People, who know what they are talking about

International Experience

With extensive international experience and a multi-discipline team, our expert team members provides a unique value proposition to brand managers, corporate communications, corporate owners, entrepreneurs and various types of investors. People who can connect other people and countries

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